Our ability to innovate has its origins in the continuous desire to experiment, contributing to the development of cutting-edge production systems and technologies.

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The NeWall company is proudly Italian and each partition wall is produced in the Bel Paese.

An essential condition for NeWall, in the various production processes, is the protection of the surrounding environment.

Sustainability is a subject close to NeWall’s heart which, in accordance with the laws in force regarding nature, can be defined as green and eco-sustainable.
Much attention is paid to the materials used in the creation of NeWall products: the chipboard panels which form the main component of NeWall walls are all 100% recyclable and have minimal formaldehyde emissions, and our glass panels are certified environmentally friendly.

Thanks to these measures, NeWall is able to simultaneously guarantee maximum respect for the environment and the complete satisfaction of the customer.


To ensure a high-quality standard, in line with the needs of its customers, NeWall makes innovation and excellence its strengths.

Innovation, constantly sought by NeWall, defines the company as such, offering the customer a product in line with the development of cutting-edge production systems and technologies.

NeWall’s desire for innovation finds its origins in the desire to offer its customers innovative and modern products, oriented towards the world of design and technology.

For NeWall, technology is a precious tool with which to achieve the maximum, in terms of function and form, aspiring to an expansion of the market target on an international level.


Choose Newall is a guarantee.

The company is certified, according to European standards, in all its process of production, offering maximum guarantee in terms of sturdy reliability and solidity.

The NeWall company is based on efficiency, made possible by the presence of qualified designers, able to offer its customers accurate and steadfast assistance with all of their needs.

Customer service is unquestionably a strength of the NeWall company, in line with the philosophy that sees the customer at the centre of everything. The first fundamental step for a project with guaranteed success is the full understanding of the customer’s needs, which are placed at the centre in all the different phases of the product production process.

Starting from surveys of premises and rough plans, the NeWall Technical Office realizes the idea imagined by the customer in an actual design draft. Through plans, elevations and three-dimensional models, NeWall undertakes to offer, in a timely manner, a complete overview of the actual solution proposed and the choice of the most suitable product, from the wide variety of NeWall product lines.

Our accreditations

The constant search for innovation and excellence, demonstrated in all phases of the production process, are recognised in the ISO 9001 accreditation and in the European technical approval of all NeWall products.
Demonstrating NeWall’s strong awareness of environmental issues, OV Energy has certified NeWall as a 100% green energy company.