Customizable wardrobe

The guarantee of performance joined with freedom in the proportions. With SECRET we have maximum gain in volumes and functions, in total harmony with space and design.


Secret accessorized walls are composed of vertical structural sides, a lower base and top section in melamine chipboard with a thickness of 22 mm and coloured silver.
The entire load-bearing structure is completely edged with a double cushioned grey sealing strip to improve noise insulation. The structural sides of Secret are provided with holes for their entire height at a constant distance of 32 mm, used for attaching internal accessories like le holders, metal shelves, etc. They are also supplied complete with slots for the passage of all types of cable for power, telephones, etc. At the bottom the structural sides have levelling feet to compensate for any unevenness of floors or ceilings. The feet can be adjusted with a hexagonal key inserted in a slot provided on the cabinet base, with no need for operations on other components of the wall. The base and top are connected to the cabinet structure by means of metal joints with total grip, and are easy to fit or remove even with the wall installed.
Finished modules have an external depth of about 462 mm (effective internal space 426 mm), with standard module dimensions of 1000 and 500 mm

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