Premium DV


Monolithic | Double glass | Frame thickness 80mm | Square profile | Noise insulation

Limitless modularity, instruments of conjunction and sharing, PREMIUM DV is the form of projects designed with your own input.


Premium DV modular partition wall is made of a perimetrical structure in extruded aluminium with alloy 6060 and T5 treatment positioned within two currents in pre-painted steel, fitted with a soft PVC sealing strip to improve sound insulation. A spacer in adjustable aluminium placed in the perimetrical structures guarantees the wall perfect alignment. The glass retention support in anodized aluminium, with frame-like squared section – where two crystal sheets are placed with a thickness of 10/11 mm or 12/13 mm composing the modular wall – is assembled by using special hooks with snap-on system. The vertical juxtaposition joint between glass and glass is obtained through a special profile in translucid polycarbonate which doesn’t affect transparency and the continuity of glass surface; alternatively a profile of the same section, yet in extrude of anodized aluminium can be inserted. The wall thickness amounts to mm 80 and features two glasses with external edge.

Access to different rooms is guaranteed by door elements, either with a sliding or a hinged door. The former, that is the sliding door, can be made only in crystal while the latter, the hinged door, can be made in crystal, wood, aluminium framed versions. The hinged door is fitted with a perimetrical frame always with squared section and in limited height (280/310 cm) situations. The sliding door slides on ball-bearing carriages properly concealed inside the superior aluminium profiles fitted with brush seal guaranteeing a perfect alignment during the sliding phase. By inserting a sliding door the presence of structural wall posts on its sides is not necessary thus allowing the Premium DV system to retain a marked elegance and lightness, its primary prerogative. Also the choice of handles has been accurately selected for the design of the line, as the hinged door is fitted with a compact and handy handle with finish in anodized aluminium, while the sliding door is equipped with a vertical handle in brushed steel with a (serial) height of 46 cm or of 125 cm on request. The latter can be equipped with a key locking system inside the handle, allowing also in this case the integrity of Premium DV elegance.

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