Monolithic | Single Glass | Frame thickness 101mm | Square profile

Transparency and colour for choices that guarantee flexibility and quality, FLY defines with safety and elegance the spaces dedicated to the creation of value and well-being.


Fly modular partition walls have a total thickness of 101 mm, and are composed of two crosspieces in pre-painted 8/10 steel fixed to the floor and ceiling with expansion plugs, or with double-sided adhesive tape if no holes can be drilled in floors. Inside the tracks there is an aluminium crosspiece that also continues on vertical walls, forming a surround. The frames of the doors and glass retention supports are made in aluminium with a square cross-section, fitted with soft grey or black PVC sealing strips, and are attached to this surround with snap-on clips.

Walls are composed essentially of glazed modules composed of laminated glass with a thickness of 5+5 mm and internal PVB of 0.38 mm, the thickness of which can be increased if necessary according to customer needs. To avoid interrupting the continuity of glazed surfaces, vertical joints between glass panels are made using special profile sections in transparent polycarbonate, to which double-sided adhesive tape is applied to achieve perfect joints between the glazed panels. Joints at right angles and three-way joints are made in a similar way, using transparent polycarbonate or extruded aluminium profile sections.

Fly modular walls can compensate for any unevenness of floors or ceilings up to ± 10 mm.

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