Modular | Single Glass | Frame thickness 101mm | Rounded profile

In convex the weight-bearing frame in aluminium can accommodate any type of door and accessories, free rein to your imagination for unique and exclusive environments.


Convex modular partition walls have a total thickness of 101 mm, and are composed internally of aluminium uprights (with the possibility of inserting internal 50×30 mm tubular steel reinforcement) and horizontal crosspieces in steel or aluminium as necessary.

The structure is designed to contain all types of cable for power, telephones, etc, with 3 slots with dimensions 50×26 mm on every upright.

The fully assembled structure is positioned inside two crosspieces in 8/10 pre-painted steel, fixed to the floor and ceiling with expansion plugs, or with double-sided adhesive tape if no holes can be drilled in floors.

NeWall modular walls can compensate for any unevenness of floors or ceilings up to ± 15 mm.

To complete the wall, the door frames, melamine panels and glass retention frames are hooked onto the uprights with special snap-on clips. Components are fitted from the bottom upwards, inserting steel or aluminium crosspieces to divide the various blocks, and using an adjustable spacer that guarantees optimal alignment even in difficult site conditions.

To improve noise insulation, in addition to the application of adhesive expanded polystyrene pads on both uprights and crosspieces, specially designed noise-absorption and heat insulation material can be inserted inside the wall, composed of totally recyclable and non-toxic 100% polyester, allowing a noise reduction of up to 45 dB at frequencies of 500 Hz to be certified in optimal site conditions.

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