1996. NeWall was founded

Newall has been contributing to the history of office walls for over fifteen years. Recent history, that’s true, but it shows how this diverse and complex furnishing item has evolved and changed over these past few years.

Research and development, planning and design, manufacturing technology, quality certifications and commercial services, these are the assets on which the company is consistently working on to ensure high quality standards that meet end users’ requirements. Over the past few years, the company has focused on expanding its product range by completing its already vast array of technical and aesthetic solutions,, presenting a wide selection of accessories and colours and creating tailor-made details for unique and outstanding results.

The company is solidly based on efficiency, thanks to our designers and qualified technicians, who ensure prompt and accurate assistance to all our customers. Fully understanding customer requirements is the first essential step to create a truly successful project. Our job is to provide solutions that can add real but also emotional value to our customers’ activities and professions.

We pay the utmost attention to the materials we use., The chipboard panels, which are the main component of the wall units, are all 100% recycled and recyclable and have the lowest formaldehyde emissions, the accident prevention glass is all certified, insulation materials are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly; all this ensures maximum respect for the environment and for consumers.

Newall is ISO 9001 certified for its entire production process, whereas its products have achieved the European technical approval, which is proof of the highest possible standard in terms of manufacturing reliability and sturdiness.