This section lists the certifications obtained by our products.
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    UNIISO9001 - The Newall has very strict quality standards and is ISO 9001 throughout the production process.ISO140/717_01 - determination of the sound reduction - series modular partition wall equipped with doorsISO140/717_02 - determination of the sound reduction - series glazed curtain wall series modular partition wall ConvexISO140/717_03 - determination of the sound reduction of solid partition wall - set partition ClasISO140/717_05 - determination of the sound reduction index of the partition with doorUNI8581 - mode tests for cabinets, tables and desks - series wall systemUNI9081/ISO8275 - testing the strength of doors to vertical load - series wall systemUNI8600 - bending test with concentrated load - series wall systemUNI8601 - bending test plans - standard wall systemUNI8602 - try opening and closing of the doors with impact - series wall systemUNI8605 - testing the strength of drawer slides - standard wall systemUNI8606 - Maximum total load test - series wall systemUNI8607 - durability testing of doors - fitted wall seriesPROVEURTO - test of behavior under the action of shock - series wall systemUNI9242 - determination of the heat resistance of edgesUNI10460 - determination of the resistance to water of the edgesUNI9240 - determination of the adhesion of finishes to the support by tear test - series door panel with laminateUNI7892/3/ETAG3 - resistenza ai carichi dinamici urti di sicurezza e urti di funzionalità (corpo molle e corpo duro) - kit di partizioni interne non portanti denominato 'convex' nelle varianti di parete 'clas', 'minimal clas', 'x convex', 'convex dv', 'linear', 'fly', 'sky' e 'time'

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